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What a Ride

The last two weeks have been quite the roller coaster for the LSU women's basketball team. By now, everyone knows the story. And this collection of women have withstood everything to march thier way through the madness into a fourth straight Final Four. It was hard to imagine before the season a team that had lost one of the greatest players in women's collegiate history, Seimone Augustus, would manage to find itself playing in the last weekend of the season once again. It was even harder to imagine it after head coach Pokey Chatman resigned two weeks ago. But you have to credit acting head coach Bob Starkey and a resillient team for what they've overcome.

"Certainly it's not easy for them, but I think part of being a family is being able to handle adversity," said Bob Starkey, now 4-0 in his role as LSU's acting head coach. "I think anybody that has a close-knit family understands that there's things that are going to come up that are going to be difficult and that's when you really have to circle the wagons. That's when family is really important."

And there it is. LSU clearly has an abundance of talent on its roster. But it has been Starkey who has steered this ship through the storm and led his "family" -- a family without a single senior on the roster -- to daylight on the other side. Though the storm has calmed and smoother waters lie ahead, you have the feeling this team is ready to make its own waves by adding two more wins to this, the unlikeliest of NCAA Touranment runs.