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Nice article from The Advocate on Keiland Williams, notably how Coach O gave him great advice on how to think about the decision about where to attend:

"I used a strategy that coach O gave me," Williams revealed. "He said tell yourself you committed to Ole Miss and you're going to wake up feeling great. If you commit to LSU, you'll be sick as a dog.

"The night of signing day I just told myself `All right Keiland, you're going to USC.' I woke up and just didn't feel right about it all. So I was like, maybe LSU is the place for me."

Where did Orgeron and Ole Miss fit into the picture?

"It was between here and SC by that time," Williams said with a grin.

Thanks, Coach!

And meanwhile, judging by Miles' comments in that article, it looks like the odds are tilted towards another running back by commmittee approach next year as well. I'd hope it's more a lack of any particular running back emerging as a standout as opposed to sheer stubbornness on Miles' part, because clearly the running game lacked a rhythm when we needed it the most last year (i.e. Auburn, right off the bat), and I don't see any reason to believe that approach would work any better this year. Blame it on the playcalling if you must, but juggling a group of five different guys (Williams, Hester, Scott, Broussard if he's out of the doghouse, Murphy) would detract from any continuity we'd ever get. I can see a two-back situation working - there's plenty of evidence of that in the NFL (see the Super Bowl Champion Colts, for instance) - but four or five?

It's one thing when the various backs can gain hundreds of yards against a ULL, but we absolutely NEED that standout go-to back who can deliver when we most desperately need it. It's tough to question a lot about Les' approach, but I've got to admit I have plenty of uneasiness on this front.

Glenn Guilbeau's got a pretty good summary article on what to expect from the new Gary Crowton-led offense.

The two-tight end set will be interesting to watch in action, seeing as we haven't utilized that spot at all in the past couple years, mostly due to health (though from the sound of it (scroll down on that one) so far, Keith Zinger's coming along pretty well).

And not that Crowton is soft or anything, but what a departure from the old Jimbo days:

"Actually, coach Crowton is just the nicest guy I've probably ever met," [FB Jacob Hester] said. "He's just real approachable. You can go and talk to him about whatever. He doesn't look at you like you're crazy when you ask him what went wrong on a play. It's good to know that you can come to somebody and talk to him, and they're not going to blow up on you."

At least at the get go, I like that "no such thing as stupid questions" attitude. In learning a new offense the players have got to be able to ask as much as they can in order to pick it up quickly.

Meanwhile, there's a tidbit in there about a potential option attack used intermittently. Evidently we are going to be using the run to set up the pass next year, not the other way around - and I suppose that makes sense given that Early Doucet is the only experienced WR we'll have returning next year; and aside from Murphy, each of the aforementioned backs logged 45+ carries. That makes me at least a BIT more worried that we won't bother to develop continuity in the running game. Who knows, I'm not a coach, I'll just give Miles & Crowton the benefit of the doubt here. In this regard, I'm definitely happy it's six months till football season kicks off; I want us to have all the time we need to get everything flowing.

Great win for the Lady Tigers yesterday, knocking off the Vols in the SEC tourney to get some sweet revenge for the home loss a couple weeks ago, and earn a berth in the Championship game against Vandy tonight.

As the last seed in the West, the male basketball Tigers will face Tennessee in the opening round of the SEC tournament on Thursday night.

The Baseball Tigers have been in a bit of a rut lately, losing the finale vs Central Florida, a one-and-done vs Tulane, and then two straight to Lipscomb this weekend, but pulled out of it with an 8-4 win on Sunday. Centerfielder/Wide Receiver Jared Mitchell went 4-4 and did not injure himself, while Second Baseman/Punter Chris Jackson led off the game with a homer. Meanwhile, Jared Bradford tossed 7 1/3 innings of three-hit ball, giving up 2 runs and striking out thirteen, the most by an LSU pitcher in 8 years (Ainsworth @ Tennessese, 4/2/99). Nice.