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Chatman Scandal Could Rock LSU

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LSU is about to be embroiled in one of the worst possible scandals you can have in college athletics. While it's not quite the Baylor basketball murder, a coach having a lesbian affair with a player is up there. And in terms of juicy details, this could possibly surpass the Baylor situation.

It's only a matter of time until the player's name comes out, assuming (and hoping more than anything) it's only one player. Once it does, there's no telling what direction the story could take, depending on who the player turns out to be.

And the longer the story takes to play out, the worse LSU is going to look, particularly to potential recruits. While its unfortunate, everyone on the women's basketball staff needs to be let go. The "incident" was reported by a member of the basketball office, so that makes you wonder who all knew what and when they knew it. If any of those details ever come out, it could instantly kill the careers of a number of people.

While you have to credit Pokey Chatman for building LSU into a national power as an assistant to Sue Gunter and then as head coach, what she has done could destroy the program for years to come. Selfishness will be her lasting legacy, instead of three Final Fours, two SEC Championships and one of the best winning percentages in the nation. It's truly a shame, because she had the chance to be one of the game's great coaches for decades to come and build LSU into a Tennessee-UConn-Duke type program. Now the Lady Tigers are searching for answers.

From here, the program needs a clean break from the situation with a new head coach and brand new staff. You also have to wonder what role this will play on athletic director Skip Bertman, who was to end his tenure next summer. He's got enough on his plate as it is.