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Quick Hits

Les has booted the three players who were arrested recently: Zhamal Thomas, Troy Giddens, and Kyle Anderson. Say what you will about some of his game time decisions, it's difficult not to admire Les Miles the man. Kudos. We don't need to be turning into The U.

CFN's 2007 LSU Preview is up. Swamped right now, but I'll get around to it more in depth this weekend. The one thing that stands out is the standout phrase regarding the D-Line: "Utter destruction." Good stuff.

T Kyle over at Dawg Sports has been engaged in a fierce war of words (well, not that fierce, but waxing eloquent nonetheless) with one of USC's finest, College Football Resource. Part I here. Part II here. Good stuff. I personally find CFR to be a tremendous Pac-10 homer, who tends to rationalize things to ridiculous extents at times, but I'll say this much: he's carried plenty of the load in elevating the discussion of college football in the blogosphere to something a bit more intellectual than the typical water cooler homer garbage. But I do often find myself scratching my head at some of the sheer idiocy he spouts about the SEC. (Although we can't see through the internets tubes, I'm fairly sure the guy damn near had an aneurysm last fall when SI plastered a cover anointing the SEC as the best conference in the country...scroll down for a great couple of posts by ubiquitous blogosphere data-monger Solon, who appears during the season on EDSBS with his spread picks.)