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I'm Alive ... and so is the Baseball Team

Wow, the last two weeks have pretty much been hell on the work front. I've barely had time to sit on my couch, much less put together anything substantive to post, so it will probably take me a few days to get back in the flow. I'm also moving right now, which definitely won't help things. On to more important things, like LSU sports.

It appears the baseball team actually does have a pulse. LSU has won back-to-back series against No. 13 Ole Miss (who can still Geaux to Hell) and No. 15 Mississippi State. Looking at the statistics and trying to figure out how this team is one game under .500 in conference play is a virtual impossibility: a .259 batting average compared to .298 for opponents, a 5.62 ERA against 3.87 for opponents, 33 errors to 20 for opponents. But somehow the team is getting it done.

As of right now, LSU would be the No. 7 seed in the SEC Tournament, which in the past has all but guaranteed an NCAA Tournament bid. At this point, any type of postseason would be a victory for the program (sad, isn't it).

I'm still not sold on coach Paul Mainieri, but I wasn't on Les Miles at this point in his LSU career either. Really only time will tell whether Mainieri has the chops to live up to LSU's rediculous expectations, or eve come close. But the fact he has the Tigers in the hunt for the SEC Tournament is pretty impressive for the first-year coach. Now, if he can just recruit.