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Quarterback Battle?

Apparently, there's a quarterback battle on the bayou:

If someone other than former mega-recruit Ryan Perrilloux was the understudy in Baton Rouge, Matt Flynn would be the slam-dunk choice to succeed JaMarcus Russell.  Even without an official anointing from Les Miles, Flynn is still the prohibitive favorite to be under center when the Tigers begin another season in September.  A heady and talented senior, he has the total package to finish his college career with a huge season.  Now in his third year, Perrilloux has to begin displaying some of the gifts that made him one of the most coveted quarterbacks of the Class of 2005.  While he oozes physical ability, the sophomore might need an epiphany over the next five months to keep Flynn from finally becoming the starter.
Prediction: Flynn

It's a nice compliment to Perilloux that would even list this as one of the top 25 quarterback battles (number 12) of the offseason. But, I think it's pretty clear to anyone who has followed LSU over the past two years that this is going to be Matt Flynn's team. To me, he has Matt Mauck written all over him and I believe he has the leadership and skills to take LSU to a national title like Mauck did.

In a perfect world, Flynn would blow up for his senior season, lead LSU to an SEC Championship and possibly a national title. Perilloux would get some experience playing in a back up role (and dare I say, some Tebow-like packages) before taking over in 2008 and having two years of eligibility left to hopefully go Vince Young on college football.