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Happy Easters!

A lot of sports media personalities get their rep for being diabolical douchebags, the sort of condescending pricks you listen to and hope that at best they spend the night getting fisted by a brass-knuckled leper. But the one thing you can say about them is they're typically rather harmless.

Then there's Colin Cowherd.

A year after blatantly ripping off a prominent Michigan blogger's material and being forced to apologize, the Schrutebag (his new nom de blogosphere) - apparently on a total whim, according to that KSK post - decided to shut down a prominent blog (The Big Lead) and directed his listeners to flood the site with hits, a barrage from which the site still hasn't recovered (and note that said blogger depends on the site's ad revenue and runs it as a small business). Other takes on the subject: EDSBS, Burnt Orange Nation, Sunday Morning QB (hell, pretty much every sports blogger's given his take by now, so I'm late to this party by a longshot).

And while we're on the topic of SMQ, be sure to check out his Absurdly Premature Season Preview of Alabama. Good stuff. How does he write so much? We'll never know. He's giving ole T. Kyle a run for his money! (Plenty of Cowherd coverage there too.)

Quick story on two-sport athlete Chris Jackson by Glenn Guilbeau, interesting in that Jackson's played for four different coaches in the two sports (baseball, football) and can make some quick comparisons. Also, the article passes the "insert requisite dig on the awful new LSU punt formation" test.

In men's basketball news, the SEC and Big East today announced an annual invitational between the two conferences, and we'll be lining up against 'Nova on Dec 6th.