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Yes, we're alive

Let's hope Dwayne Bowe isn't going to make a habit of letting this first-round pick stuff get to his head, and shows up on time for practice from now on. Be sure to check in with Chris at Arrowhead Pride to keep tabs on how Bowe's season pans out.

Despite a Top 5 ranking, the softball Tigers are heading to Stanford to open postseason play, with the other two teams in the group being Fresno and Cal State Northridge. Take note, folks: we LSU fans even get angry about softball seedings. It's like that Bill Shakespeare guy said, "Hell hath no fury like a Tiger fan scorned."

The baseball Tigers dropped two of three to Florida this past weekend, leaving them in need of plenty of help to make it to the SEC tournament, not to mention taking at least 2/3 from #1 Vandy. Ahh, for the halcyon days of the 1990s at Alex Box!