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120 days and counting ...

In the wake of an NFL draft that the SEC dominated, has its SEC preview out. Not surprisingly, LSU is getting a whole lot of love. Lets hit the highlights.

Even with the likes of JaMarcus Russell, LaRon Landry, Dwayne Bowe and Craig Davis gone, LSU heads into the 2007 season as the SEC's most talented team and the clear-cut favorite to win the championship. The Tigers' front seven on defense, led by tackle Glenn Dorsey, may be as good as any group they've ever had in Baton Rouge.

As good as LSU has been over the past five years, this may be the first time the Tigers have been the "clear-cut favorite" to win the SEC crown. It always seems like Georgia or Florida or Auburn has been in the mix as well. And how good do the Tigers have to be if they're the favorite in a conference that features the defending national champions!
Defensive player of the year: Glenn Dorsey, defensive tackle, LSU. Les Miles' biggest recruit during the offseason was keeping Dorsey at LSU. He's not a guy who will overwhelm you with statistics, but no defender in the league impacts the line of scrimmage more than he does.

Duh. All you have to do is pop in the Auburn DVD from last year to see that. He should be a top five pick next April.
Breakout player of the year: Tyson Jackson, defensive end, LSU. As a sophomore a year ago, Jackson led the Tigers with eight sacks. That was just scratching the surface. Auburn's Quentin Groves and Florida's Derrick Harvey are both big-time pass-rushers, but Jackson has a chance to be just as good, if not better.

If Jackson can match or -- gasp -- improve on his play from last year, LSU's line will be unblockable. With Dorsey in the middle and Jackson on the edge, O-Line's will have nightmares during game week.
SEC champion: LSU. Two years ago, Matt Flynn stepped in for an injured JaMarcus Russell and led LSU to a rout of Miami in the Peach Bowl. Now comes his chance to lead the Tigers for an entire season. The defense is the best in the league, maybe the best in the country, and new offensive coordinator Gary Crowton will play to Flynn's strengths on offense. This is a team that should be favored to win every game it plays.

See you in Atlanta.