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Happy Saturdays

I never really thought much of the Razorbacks as a mascot. However, then I came across this:

I stand corrected. Jeebus.

The Lady Tigers softball team lost their opener in the Super Regional against ASU. They've got to win 2 in a row now to advance. Good luck ladies!

I don't hate Nick Saban. I used to love the guy, since he delivered us a national title. Now I'm closer to mere indifference. But I can't help but chuckle at the suggestions that he violated some recruiting rules. It's "only" secondary, so likely won't amount to much. But it's still cheating, dammit!

Allow me to direct you to another LSU football preview, this courtesy our friend Mitch over at Provo Pride. Why is this especially useful insight? Recall that our new offensive coordinator Gary Crowton put in a few years in the lovely confines of BYU, so Mitch is quite familiar with the man. Good to know he thinks highly of him.