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Marquise Hill missing

Marquise Hill 1982-2007

Former Tiger Marquise Hill, now with the New England Patriots, is missing on Lake Pontchartrain after he and his girlfriend a lady friend went jetskiing without lifejackets and got caught up in a nasty current. Terrible news, and likely to end sadly as they've been searching for over 12 hours at this point.

Update [2007-5-28 14:33:12 by GeauxTigers]: Apparently Hill saved the woman's life. At this point, it's been changed from a rescue mission to a recovery mission. Just terrible. Tiger fans letting it out here. Our colleagues at Pats Pulpit have been covering the situation all morning.

Update [2007-5-28 18:20:32 by GeauxTigers]: It's official now, Hill's body has been recovered. Our thoughts are with the Hill family, having lost such a wonderful human being; as has been noted in every article today, he spent plenty of time helping family and friends rebuild after Katrina, and evidently saved the life of his companion last night.

R.I.P. big man...