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Two weeks till two months till kickoff!

LaRon Landry got himself injured participating in a paintball version of "America's Funniest Shots in the Nuts."

"She broke my heart, so I broke her jawwww...."

O Muse! Sing us the level-headed melodies - absent all the LSU faithful - but present only in Him, The One Great Writer Glenn Guilbeau!! So it is, that ne'er may we of the Purple and Gold nation have the clarity of foresight to comprehend that, nay, our team beeth NOT Top 5 potential, for we merely fall prey to the following:

...a funny thing happens over the summer. Amid the torrid temperatures and humidity and hot anticipation for the season to get here, either brains get cooked or people just forget.

And yea, speak not of the simple fact that nearly every preseason mag in the country anointeth us Top 5 material. The bottom line is simply thus: we LSU fans are the only ones crazy enough to believe we are any good, and but for the wisdom of The One Glenn Guilbeau, the Tiger masses would only wallow in the misery of our own rose-colored glasses, year after year.