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Big Baby a first rounder? No football road tix left...and other stuff

Big Baby is certain he's going to be a first-rounder in the NBA draft Thursday night. We shall see. He's a full 50 lbs lighter than the Final Four '06 weight of 340, so the "quick feet" label may gain some last minute steam. Collis Temple II has some pretty strong feelings on the subject, namely "I know at 25 that Utah would team [sic] him in a heartbeat."

Looking to get in on LSU road tickets through the school? Better luck next year. A full 33,000 requests came in for the Alabama game, more than doubling the previous record (14k for last year @ Tennessee), and nearly 5x the actual allotment of 7,000 seats the Tigers get.

Just a friendly reminder to all you SEC DBs out there: Our guy's almost into single digits on the 100 meters.

Andale, bitches.

Every Day Should Be Saturday has determined that Glenn Dorsey would be one of five opposing players they'd most like to have. As with everything there, the writeup is hysterical, and the punch line is the best:

6'2", 300 pounds, and could double as a riot control barrier if he had to in a pinch. Dorsey's huge, but possessed of a supernatural quickness you've come to yawn at on the mind-boggling LSU roster. Can make math very difficult for an offensive coordinator looking to maintain protection, since he'll draw double teams or take in two blockers through sheer gravitational attraction.

Well played, sir. Well played.

Adding one more tidbit: here's an interesting article from the Chattanooga Times Free Press discussing the scheduling between CBS and ESPN for SEC games. For the record, CBS gets to choose 7 of the top 10 games each year, including the top 3. ESPN gets the rest. Our October 20th matchup with Auburn will be on ESPN, while October 6th vs Florida will likely be CBS...but might be CBS' one night game of the year instead of the much more common Florida-Tennessee game:

CBS has picked the Tennessee-Florida game for its prime-time slot in five of the last nine years but likely will go with the Oct. 6 Florida-LSU game this year. The other option would be Tennessee-Georgia that same day, but Aresco said, "If Florida is undefeated and LSU is undefeated, then it's pretty much a no-brainer as to which one we would want at night."