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T Kyle at Dawg Sports has projected the Top Five non-conference games you think will be good...but won't for the upcoming football season. LSU-Va Tech makes the list, and he sees the Tigers coming out victorious. Hearty boos all around for commenter Doug, who believes the Hokies win. Honestly though, I can't blame him. They'll be one fired up team in the first high-profile sporting event for the school since the shootings. I expect a lot of folks to be pumping LSU up beforehand, potentially leading the team to believe the Hokies are nothing but a sentimental story, when in fact they're Top 10 talented. Hah, who am I kidding. The Hat shall not let such nonsense pass! Be gone, Hokie pickers.

I google-imaged "Les Miles" and this came up, and frankly, it works. (Image courtesy

WR Chris Mitchell's brother was involved in a drive-by shooting in Jefferson Parish last weekend. Investigators don't think Chris was involved, but they're trying to get in touch with him to ask him some questions. Hopefully one of those questions is "Avoid your brother till mid-January, for the love of God." With a question-markey type inflection at the end to make it sound like a question, rather than the Goddamn Code Red Order that it is.

Somehow I missed this last month, but often as I pan Glenn Guilbeau for his condescension towards the LSU masses, he deserves credit for this column last month on Paul Mainieri. Not everyone has liked the way Mainieri has handled the team, especially with the postseason cuts, but after a performance like this year's, something needed to be done. Kudos to him for shaking him up, but clearly we'll have to wait to next year's results to pass judgment on the merits of the moves.

Head over to our Kentucky blog, A Sea of Blue, for some Photoshop fun with Billy Donovan.

To all of you college baseball fans out there, I'd be remiss if I didn't emphasize the great job my colleague at Corn Nation has been doing in blogging the season. He's had a couple great interviews lately, first with Baseball America's Aaron Fitt, and then more recently Damani Leech, NCAA Director of Baseball and Football, regarding the tournament selection process. Well done!