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Saban makes some comments

Our friend T Kyle King at Dawg Sports takes issue with Nick Saban's recent comments which sounded an awful lot like comments made recently by our very own Les Miles. Taking a page from Kyle, I'll just note that we're all SEC homers, but at least we're trying to be levelheaded about it.

Wait, did you say something?

Be sure to check out SMQ's season previews of every I-A college football team. He's like 1/3rd of the way through 'em all! He's even done UL-Monroe! How does he do all this? Does he have a job? We will never know! And it will never matter! I'm just waiting for the LSU preview to come up, at which I'm sure to learn something. And you will too.

Former Tiger LB Dave Peterson was killed in a bike accident today. Not a starter, not a big name, minimal stats, but plenty of respect for him from the Tiger faithful. R.I.P. Dave, you will be missed.