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Broussard quits, Davis signs with Chargers

Alley Broussard has quit the team. It's really too bad, the guy could have been a total stud had his heart been in it. While stunning, this doesn't come as all that much of a surprise given his having spent almost all last year in Les' doghouse. Given we have no shortage of talent at the running back spot, I don't anticipate missing much of a beat. And given I have huge reservations about the running back by committee approach (especially after our relatively weak output with it last year), at least this reduces the number of guys who'll be rotating in.

Meanwhile, Craig Davis signed a five year contract with the Chargers yesterday, ensuring he'll be at camp when it begins. First time in TEN YEARS the entire Charger draft class has been signed by opening day. Wow. In any event, it'll be great to watch him develop in that offense, though I have to admit even I was surprised he got drafted ahead of Dwayne Jarrett and Steve Smith. For the Chargers' sake, and the sake of future WRs coming out of LSU, here's hoping he delivers!!

I can has first-round money?

The ESPN 150 recruiting rankings came out this week, and only two Louisiana prospects are in the group: Michael Mauti of Mandeville High (#55 overall) and Tyler Edwards of Ouachita Christrian (#98 overall). This will certainly not be the deepest talent base the state of Louisiana has ever produced, so the pressure will be on Miles to deliver with some out of state names (and that wasn't at all a problem last year).