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Big Baby, Les Miles, and more

In case you haven't heard yet (it's only been four days!), Big Baby is a Celtic, missing out on his first round hopes. Separately, it ought to be amusing to watch The Sports Guy's ongoing take on the matter. He seems geniunely enthused to have Davis on board. Good for him.

Oh boy. I wasn't going to post anything about this but, ehm, looks like Orson Swindle and our friendly neighbor Kyle of have both gotten word about the derogatory comments Les Miles made about USC's schedule in a recent speech in New Orleans. Yeah, I'm not thrilled, and that's six-months-in-advance bulletin board material for the Trojans right there should we somehow manage to make our way to the BCS title game (and the odds aren't all that bad). Thankfully Orson's comments evolve into satire, while Kyle issues a much-deserved jab to Miles. I think Les has been a solid coach thus far but on this point, well, I got nothin'. However, in posting the above link to Kyle's post I also do you the favor of allowing you to gawk at the smokin' hot Kentucky hockey poster. How else can I divert attention from Les' little rant? Ooh, I know:

Hey Look! It's Ali Landry, who is from Louisiana, just like LSU!