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Answering some LSU Football questions, SEC v Pac 10, new Auburn blogger

I took the time to answer some questions about LSU football over at a budding sports blog run by one Rick George. Feel free to let me have it (over here or over there) 5 Tigers of the past few decades, who's the best football program in the country, etc.

Kyle took the time to respond to my post from yesterday regarding recent SEC vs Pac 10 matchups and raises a valid question: why are SEC inter-conference superiority debates rarely if ever discussed in terms of the SEC vs say, the Big 10 or Big 12 or ACC? I suppose my vote would be simply because everyone east of the Rockies has listened to the Pac 10's constant (and I'd have to say, somewhat understandable) cries of general East Coast Bias among the sports media. Of course, with the emergence of USC this decade I think much of that is moot. I also wonder, though, how much of the constant "SEC vs Pac 10" discussion was grounded in the whole LSU-USC shared titled debate of 2003. Anyway, head over there for some interesting discussion.

I'm happy to report that SBN finally has an Auburn Tigers blog! Track 'Em Tigers got started just this past week, and we're thrilled to have Jay Coulter on board representing the barners.