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ESPN Experts go out on a limb, bloggage around the SEC

Just in case you were wondering who in the country is most likely to be overrated, let's have a look at the ESPN Experts national championship picks:

Colin Cowherd USC
Bill Curry USC
Rece Davis USC
Jim Donnan USC
Bruce Feldman USC
Pat Forde USC
Rod Gilmore USC
Ivan Maisel USC
Todd McShay USC
Joe Schad USC
Mark Schlabach USC
Robert Smith USC

Fear not, Tiger fans! For Feldman, Gilmore, and Schad think we make it far enough to be humbled by the Trojans. Anyway, the only way for SC to even meet preseason expectations is to win the national title. No pressure, guys.

Uh oh, sloppy scrimmaging two weeks before the opener has Les a bit unhappy. Meanwhile, let's hope we hear the Flynn to Doucet words early and often this season.

Minimal other noteworthy LSU news to report on, so let's go elsewhere and see what's up, shall we?