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Recruting updates and more

The 2008 recruting class is building some steam. I'd write something here but I think the guys at Geaux Tuscaloosa have the high schoolers pretty well covered. In all honesty, I'm not going to be able to tell you that a linebacker out of Kerrill, TX, happens to play his position in a manner similar to Barry Sanders' play at running back.

I know how we Tiger fans love Bama beat writer Paul Finebaum, so why not head over to our Roll Bama Roll and click through to some videos of Nick Saban teaching Finebaum how to cover a wideout. Also, check out the poll on their site: by a pretty sizeable margin, it appears that Tide fans prefer road trips to Baton Rouge over any other SEC locale. Probably has something to do with past wins, but we all know that's ancient history.

Speaking of ancient history...