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Terrance Toliver is strong with the LSU WR Force, Ole Miss is Number One!!!

Keeps looking more and more likely that LSU eventually gets the nickname "Wide Receiver U," the way things are going now. Two first rounders this year (Bowe, Davis), another likely next year (Doucet), another just a few years ago (Clayton, 2004), a close one in 2002 (Reed, 4th pick in the 2nd), and another 2nd rounder (Henderson, 2004). Without having taken the field once in a real game, true freshman Terrance Toliver appears to be following in those footsteps.

As Kyle at Dawg Sports points out, Jerry from Joe Cribbs' Car Wash has a great post up for you SEC and Arrested Development fans.

Jeebus! Roll Bama Roll has much to read today, including a breakdown of their play versus LSU last fall. I just scrolled to the end where we won, so rest assured there's a happy ending. I could do that all day.

Good to know Ole Miss is #1 in the SEC at something!!! (And with 3 schools in the Top 5, the SEC once again proves its supremacy over all. Kneel before us.)