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It's finally here, the day we've been waiting for since Jan. 4. All the hype and all the prognostications have done nothing but build the excitement for me personally. A No. 2 national ranking entering the year and a stockpile of talent have certainly done nothing to temper my excitement over LSU's team.

I did have a nightmare the other night at Mississippi State shocked the world with a 17-10 win tonight. After waking up in a cold sweat, I thanked God that it was only a dream. I expect LSU to lead 24-3 at the half and cruise to a 45-10 win.

Going to the game, the things am most interested in seeing are: 1) the new offense under Gary Crowton. 2) the defense. I don't expect a Mississippi State first down until at least the second quarter. 3) Matt Flynn. If he had a year under his belt as a starter, LSU would possibly be a No. 1 team right now. I fully believe he'll be better than John David Booty this year..

That said, it's off to load up the cooler and make the trek to Starkville. As always, we invite your comments by using the entry link below.