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There Are Some Who Get It, but Most Who Don't

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Rece Davis said it best on GameDay Final:

For the time being at least, LSU and Oklahoma deserve to be the top two teams in the poll. If you're a pollster and those aren't your top two, what you're saying is that your preseason prediction is more important than what you've seen on the field. Unfortunately, too many people seem unable to break that habit.

And apparently he pegged them right on, because Southern Cal is still holding down the top spot after their impressive performance against Open Date.

Dennis Dodd, who I consider the worst pundit in college football, is a perfect example of the lunacy of the polls.

LSU and Oklahoma are the best teams in the country right now. With USC taking a weekend at the beach, the Tigers and Sooners laid waste to quality opponents by a combined score of 99-20.

He then goes on to list USC as No. 1 in his "Power Poll" ahead of LSU and Oklahoma. Are you serious?!!??!?

Granted, it doesn't really matter if you're ranked first or second when the final poll comes out, as long as you're in the top two. But it does speak to the legitimacy of the rankings when things like this happen. What would LSU have to do to move up to No. 1? What if USC beats Nebraska 28-14 next week? Wouldn't LSU's 41-point victory over Virginia Tech be more impressive?

At least somebody gets it, of course, it's the best in the business:

[Y]ou could put Oklahoma or USC in (the top) spot and you might not be wrong. The defense's domination of Virginia Tech was no big deal, but the offensive explosion on one of the nation's best defenses puts the Tigers on top ... for this week.
Update - 4:26 p.m. CDT: - LSU has moved up to No. 1 in the Power 16, which unfortunately carries no real weight. Kudos to Rece Davis, Pat Forde and David Duffey being the only three of 16 voters to get 1, 2, 3 in the right order this week.