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Shaq, Jeff Tedford as the Michigan coach, the notion of Overrated

Checking in with some Tiger alumni: how about Shaq's Party Bus? Phenomenal.

Hey, let's take the spotlight off Les and focus on Jeff Tedford as a potential candidate to replace Lloyd Carr in Michigan at year end.

The Advocate's Carl Dubois had a fantastic piece today on the propensity for pundits and fans alike to declare a team "overrated" after a loss in a big game. Rarely is it that the losing team is declared a great team that just lost to an even greater one. I addressed this aspect last Friday with respect to our destruction of Miami in the Peach Bowl 2 years ago:

After all, as much as folks like to say that Miami Peach Bowl was meaningless, and that Miami was a team in decline, the world needs to get a few things straight, because the facts don't really bear that out. The Canes' only two losses that year heading into the bowl game were by a field goal in the opener at Florida State and by 4 points to Georgia Tech. They earlier dismantled an undefeated Virginia Tech squad 27-7 in Blacksburg and came into that Peach Bowl ranked #9 in the country. This was a very good team when we met them, and Matt Flynn singlehandedly destroyed them. He may not deserve as much credit for that victory as he would if it had been a regular season matchup, but the extent to which I see some pundits writing that performance off grates the hell out of me.

Evidently our destruction of Virginia Tech has led to QB Sean Glennon's being benched for Tyrod Taylor for the time being. SMQ gives the Reqiuem for a Deposed QB in celebration (or not) of Glennon's career. EDSBS chimes in with Glennon's nausea. (Oh, and until further notice, EDSBS has officially coined us Werewolf with a chainsaw for a dick. Indeed.)

JaMarcus Russell has finally reached an agreement with the Oakland Raiders. Not the longest holdout ever, but the longest for a #1 overall pick. Not that he's going to take the field anytime soon anyway, but Josh McCown wasn't entirely horrible in their opener yesterday, as they lost 36-21 at home to the Lions, whose first round pick Calvin Johnson delivered with a TD and 70 yards receiving.