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Blogpoll and then random SEC hotness and hilarity

The updated BlogPoll is out, and LSU comes in at #1, with 42 1st place votes. USC had the 2nd most #1 votes with 13, but actually ranked 3rd in the poll. In poll organizer Brian's recollection it is the first time the bloggers have defected from the media and coaches polls and anointed a different #1. We make history, yet again. Our buddy Kyle defends himself after getting slapped with the Mr. Bold tag, with Brian calling him "insane."

We'll have some MTSU talk tomorrow, but in the meantime, Tiger blogger Richard Pittman has pulled a message board post from a MTSU fan telling us what to expect.

So the word is Flynn may not play on Saturday (details are in the link I posted to the weather report in the last post). If there's at all a question about whether he can go, I'm assuming he's going to be rested. We've got the Cocks and Gators coming up right after MTSU. No need to push it, and we've learned our backup can take over just fine, thank you.

Losers with Socks has a damn hysterical piece up on pulling Gator Poon. HT: Alligator Army.) And then there's an all around spectacular rundown of Gator fan douchebags. Just...brilliant....

Meanwhile, head to our brotherly blog Rocky Top Talk for more on this weekend's Florida-Tennessee game, complete with Q&A from the always hilarious Orson Swindle of EDSBS.