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From the Palmetto State

Our SB Nation brother blog, from the SEC Power Poll:

1. LSU. If you put a young child in front of the Bayou Bengals' defense and told them it was an offensive player, they would rip it limb from limb.

They're not happy ( 1 | 2 ) with the offense in Gamecock land. Imagine what they're going to be thinking after they run into Glenn Dorsey and the Chinese Bandits.

From the HBC himself:

I don't need to sit here and tell you how good of a team they are. Their recruiting has been outstanding the last four or five years. They have a big time football program at LSU. Give (former coach) Nick Saban credit for coming in there and doing a super job fundraising."

They have it rolling right now. Basically Tulane is the only school they compete with in-state for players and Louisiana has excellent high school football program. That is a football program that has an excellent opportunity to do well every year.

And if you prefer student journalism, if that's what you want to call it.