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I'm really not sure what to think coming out of this game. Honestly, I wasn't terribly pleased with the performance, but it was still a very quality victory. Once LSU figured out it could run at will, that's all it did. The Tigers kept Matt Flynn healthy and let the running backs and the O-Line take over. The line was dominant and LSU's stable of tailbacks took over. The Tigers didn't need to do anymore to beat the No. 12 team in the country.

After getting up 28-7, it was clear getting out healthy was the most important closing to the game. But that caused LSU to give up the nine points late in the game. It pissed me off to see the defense give up the late touchdown, because they're better than that. But it just helps ruin their sick scoring defense average.

The defense gave up 249 yards (WHAT?!!?!?), but still was pretty dominant for the most part. It's very clear that nobody is going to run against LSU as USC put up only six yards with a pretty good tandem of backs.

It wasn't what I was hoping for, but can I really complain? I wanted to beat a 12th-ranked SEC team by 35 points. I think I was a little optimistic, but that's what this team does to expectations. They're insanely high because LSU has been so good so far.

Now, it's just a tune up against Tulane before the big game against Florida.