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On the vanilla-ness of the LSU offense, Gameday coming to LSU

Were we a bit vanilla Thursday night vs MSU? Well, this isn't exactly what most of us Tiger fans wanted to hear:

"We showed 100 percent of the plays that could possibly ever be called," LSU coach Les Miles said Friday.

Ok so he conceded that was tongue in cheek, but what are we to believe? I know what I want to believe, and I know what Les would want the world to believe. I'm going to hold up hope that he's doing his best to mislead us all.

We are opening as a 13-point favorite over Va Tech. Good Lord. I know they didn't play all that well against ECU but a two touchdown edge over that defense with what we've seen from our offense seems to me like it'd be wishful thinking on our part to buy into.

In case you missed it, Gameday's coming to Baton Rouge. This means I'm going to have to wake up way too early here on the West Coast on Saturday morning to see whose mascot head Lee puts on.

And now, how about some spurious correlation (I'm making the correlation, not Guilbeau) - here's a table of LSU's most lopsided road victories of all time:

Year Opponent Final Season Result
1958 Tulane 62-0 National Title
1986 MSU 47-0 SEC Title
2003 Arizona 59-13 National Title
2007 MSU 45-0 ???

The takeaway - clearly, years in which we have our biggest road blowout wins result in titles of some sort. And there you have it. Might as well hand us the trophy now.

(Kidding. Abort jinxage.)