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Thursday Happenings

First let me apologize for no updates this week. Between work, adult softball (yeah, ha ha) and a couple dates, the time has just raced by. I still haven't even had a chance to watch my DVR of last week's Mississippi State game. I know, my priorities are way out of wack.

That said, the Saints looked particularly horrendous Thursday night. Along with that, there were some interesting tidbits from college football.

Perhaps those whining about Les Miles comments about the Pac 10 will shut up after Oregon State, the team picked to finish fifth in its league, was taken behind the woodshed by Cincinnati. By the way, the Bearcats were the fifth choice in the Big East preseason poll. Yeah, yeah, Cal beat Tennessee -- congrats, your second best team beat our seventh (okay, I admit, 7th could be misleading since UT was picked higher in the division standings than S. Carolina, but it's tied for 5th at best).

In other Big East news, Louisville is in trouble. Their defense allowed 555 total yards and 42 points to Middle Tennessee State. In a game that rivaled Peyton Manning vs. Tim Couch circa 1997, the Cards hung a rediculous 729 yards and 58 points on the Blue Raiders. It's obvious Louisville can score. But if their defense is that pourous, they're going to have a hard time beating Andre Woodson and Co. in Lexington, much less West Virginia or Rutgers.