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LSU - Virginia Tech Gameday Thread


LSU welcomes Virginia Tech to Baton Rouge today. The Tigers are favored by 11, which has come in a couple points after opening at 13. I still think that's too high.

Of course, College Gameday is on campus ("Lou Holtz for Prethedent!"), hence the 8pm Central start. Giving Tiger fans a whole extra hour to drink can only be good for us!

It's the first big game of the year, and a huge opportunity for Les Miles to prove that he can win big games when we're still firmly in the title hunt. In 2005, we lost in September at home to Tennessee (the only LSU home loss in the Miles era). In 2006, we lost on 9/16 at Auburn and three weeks later at Florida. A loss today, and Miles will likely be getting plenty of encouragement from the LSU faithful the rest of the year to seek out that expected Michigan opening at year end.