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LSU - Virginia Tech Post Game Quick Reactions

 Jesus. I am speechless. Best game I have ever seen LSU put together, on both sides of the ball, considering the quality of the opposition (and even NOT adjusting for the quality of opposition). Even during the Saban era. So, a couple quick thoughts before I head out for some beverages (it's not even 10 yet here on the left coast):

  • So much for Les Miles not being able to win meaningful big games. That's a top ten team that we just blitzed by forty. All hail Les Miles.

  • So much for any suggestion that last week's offense may not have been vanilla. What we saw tonight was MUCH different, and MUCH improved. We executed to perfection. 600 yards of total offense? All hail Gary Crowton.

  • Defense doesn't let the opposition onto our side of the field until the second half? I'd say that's acceptable. 157 yards of total offense for the opposition? All hail Bo Pelini (though Bo, could you show a little more excitement about your D when you're introducing them? Thanks!).

  • On that note, it was amazing to see Keiland finally break a few open - and boy DID he. It was amazing to see Hester get off and rolling on that first drive. He absolutely set the tone for the night with his strong running on the opening drive. But we see now - with Kirk surprisingly completely prepared for in his remarks - why so many have felt tht Keiland ought to be the feature back.

  • 5 years later, it's great to be able to return the favor to Virginia Tech. That is all.