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Odds and Ends

SMQ has his typically excellent preview pieces up for the BCS Title game. Part 1 is here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here. I posted a response to Part 1 on the thread, in brief: I merely take exception to his characterization of our passing game (I think he's being a bit too favorable). Again, I just think that the onus is on Flynn (and RP, if necessary) to show us that he can be accurate if called upon to throw the ball more than 20 yards downfield.

Straight from the coaches' mouths: tomorrow night, we will see Ryan Perrilloux mixed into the game plan, akin to the way things were at the beginning of the season. 10 plays, plus or minus a few depending on the flow is what we should expect.

What remains to be seen is whether it's all options and keepers or if he's given the all-clear to let fly downfield.

Nebraska fans far and wide will be watching and likely cheering for LSU (or cheering for our defense, at least) as their new head coach Bo Pelini will be calling our defensive shots tomorrow night. In that vein, Brandon at the MidwestCoastBias blog asked me a few questions to get my opinion on Bo, and I obliged with my answers here. Dear faithful couple readers, I'd be curious to know your thoughts on Mr. Pelini especially the positive and negative in-game traits which I addressed. Did I leave anything out? Get anything wrong, in your view? No need to be gentle!

Less relevant for tomorrow but great for LSU nonetheless, we picked up a five star recruit over the weekend, CB Patrick Johnson of Florida. On a down note, we evidently missed the boat entirely on arguably the top recruit in the country, QB Terrelle Pryor of Pennsylvania, who gained MVP honors in the high school US Army All-American Bowl this weekend. Win some, lose some.

Lastly, The Golden Band from Tigerland is trying to raise $5mm for a new band hall by August 30th, an amount which will be matched by the State of Louisiana if the deadline is met. Head over there and donate if you're able, and feel free to send the link along to as many fellow Tiger fans as you can.