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By The Numbers: LSU v. Florida

Let's not be cute: we got our asses kicked.  I don't want to try and pretend this was anything other than an old fashioned blowout.  That said, I don't believe in nonstop panic.  It's not all bad news.  Just mostly.

2.9.  Charles Scott's yard per carry.  After ripping off big run after big run in the first month, Scott and the rest of the backfield had a pretty quiet night, as the team averaged 3.1 yards per carry.  A lot of that is that LSU abandoned the run pretty quickly since it was 20-0 before you could blink.

41.  LSU's pass attempts.  Way too many.  That many passes normally means one thing: you are behind and desperately trying to catch up.

1.  The number of drives Florida did not score on in the second half, and that was because of the Tebow fumble.  We can talk about falling behind early, and that was a big factor, but the real failure was that LSU's defense did not get one second half stop.  The first three drives all resulted in Florida touchdowns (ok, one was an intereception return).   

265.  Florida's yards rushing.  A lot of the postgame criticism has been centered on the defensive backs, but Tebow had a good but not great night and let's face it, McCray should have picked off that pass on the third play.  Florida didn't win this game in the air, they won it on the lines.  That's the real distressing thing.  LSU's perceived weaknesses, QB play and the defensive backfield, didn't play all that bad.  It was LSU's perceived strengths, the offensive and defensive lines, which didn't produce. 

19-22.  The first down ratio of LSU to Florida.  Look, we were able to move the ball.  And it wasn't that big of a disparity on first downs and offensive productions.  Then again, you can't deny this...

51.  That's way too many points to allow to anyone.