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8 and half hours to GEAUX!

Well since there is no game and since I was not able to make tailgating for the Moo U game not much to write about LSUwise that is.

HOWEVER in 8 and half hours (see thats the title) I will be pulling up to Womans Hospital in Baton Rouge, bringing my wife so that she can bring another little tiger into the world. They are planning to induce tommorrow morning at 0030. Why so early you might ask...well it seems that there are other people that want their babies born during the bye week also, this was the first avaiable appointment to go in for them to induce when we made it last week. Tommorrow is her due date the doctor just doesnt want to go over that time because of my wifes back problems!

All this week Mrs. Crip (Corey's her name) has been having very intense contractions that I could set my watch to being every 5 mintues. And I have the marks on my fingers and hands to prove it! So hopefully once they induce the baby will just COME ON DOWN!.

I have been so nervious this past few nights and I find myself unable to sleep because I am so scaried that I am gonna screw up this perfect little thing that took us 4 years to get. I married Corey when her youngest was already 2 so while I am her only daddy, I missed out on the baby stuff. SO I am terrified that I am gonna drop her or not pick her up right or something of that nature!

And I am also so excited about looking down into that face and seeing her smile up at me. Brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it!


So as soon as I can get back to a computer I will post the newest member of Team KATTs first picture and let y'all know how everything went!