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Rontavious Wooten Decommits

Being an out-of-state kid that is something of a surprise commitment, I have to think also that this is a kid who may end up changing his mind about LSU and start looking elsewhere.

What I said earlier.

The kid is a solid prospect, but he's not going to make or break anyone's class.  Not ours.  Not Georgia's.  

I'm not trying to knock him, but he just never had the "feel" of an LSU recruit.  No matter what anyone said, even him, I was never confident he would end up with us.  We had other big-time receivers looking at us, and a very similar receiver (Kenny Bell) who was in-state rather than in Florida.  He had been looking at Georgia, which is closer to home than LSU is, and Georgia has an obvious need for wide receivers, a need we just don't share at this point, at least when you consider the other guys either committed to us or on our radar.  I can see why Georgia is attractive to him.

It was a pretty big surprise when he committed to us in the first place.

His videos are impressive, but not in the oh-my-god-he-will-start-from-day-one sense, which is usually wrong even when you get that feeling.  He's solid, and he could have a very good career at Georgia and win a lot of games, but he's probably looking at a bit of an understudy period wherever he goes.  Good luck to him.  We'll see him on a Saturday once or twice during his career.