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LSU v. USC: By the Numbers

Some fun facts and figures from the South Carolina game:

9.  LSU’s shortest scoring drive of the game.  LSU’s scoring drives were 12 plays, 12 plays, 9 plays, and 11 plays.  There’s two ways to read this, depending on whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist.  You could be happy that it shows LSU’s ability to have long, sustained drives.  Or you could decry the lack of the big play.  Look inside yourself. 

1.3. USC’s yard per rush.  Yes, there were 6 sacks, which count as rushing yards, but it’s not a misleading number.  Mike Davis, the leading rusher for USC, averaged 2.3 YPC on 10 carries. 

11:39. LSU’s time of possession in the 4th quarter.  With the game on the line, USC simply never got a chance to score.  But even when they did get the ball…

2.  USC’s plays in the fourth quarter that went for positive yards.  An 11 yard pass and a 3 yard rush on back to back plays was the total extent of USC’s positive offensive output.  They ran 10 plays in the 4th quarter and 2 of them were punts.  Yes, the Gamecocks have a lousy offense, but they got absolutely destroyed in the 4th quarter.

6.  The number of LSU sacks.  Good to see the defensive line actually do something this season.