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A Few Simple Message Board Rules for LSU Fans

Now, I am not one to complain about simple typos.  I make them all the time.  I am not a grammar cop either.  I bet you could peruse every semi-long post on here and find a typo, misspelled word, or a grammatical error.  But I read a number of message boards relating to LSU and I just see some of the most awful stuff, from people who seriously need a little help.  So here I am giving the most basic of the basics, not of getting things correct, but just of making your posts readable:

  1. His name is spelled "Nick Saban".  Seriously, the guy has been an important person to LSU for going on 9 years now (a lot more if you remember that LSU actually played against him in the Independence Bowl during the Dinardo years).  His name has constantly appeared in print in that time, and it is not particularly hard to spell.  There are only 9 letters in it.  One letter per year.  Now typos are understandable, but when you consistently spell his name "Nick Sabine" I just have to wonder if you're paying any attention at all, and then I ask myself why I should bother reading whatever it is you have to say about sports, or life, or whatever.
  2. Between every punctuation mark and the next word of your post,there should be at least one space.Failure to use proper spacing after a punctuation mark makes your posts,well,rather difficult to read.If you're not sure about the way to properly space your sentences,perhaps you should just look at it when you're done and see if it looks logical.If you can make an easy correction that makes your posts more readable,it's a change well-wroth making
Everyone who types regularly makes the occasional error.  It's unavoidable and anyone who gets bent out of shape over a typo, or over not knowing how to differentiate between "effect" and "affect" or something like that is probably someone you should not worry about.  He/she is just being a jerk.  But that does not mean that all cowboy typing is OK.  When things get too bad, your posts become unreadable, and/or you just look like an uninformed person whose ramblings should be ignored.