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I Don't Hate Georgia

The "rivalry" that LSU has with Georgia is actually one of my favorites, because I have really no hard feelings at all towards them.  I think Georgia is a very solid program, and in general Georgia is a pretty good citizen of Collegefootballland.  Yeah, I never bought their argument that they should have gone into the 2007 BCSNCG (which actually occurred in 2008, but never mind that) instead of us, but I can't say I blame them for trying.  

Now, giving up half-a-hundred to anyone sucks hard, but it hurts a lot worse when it's Florida (or heaven-forfend, Auburn).  Georgia?  Ehh..  We got beat by a good team.  While it hurts, there's no real shame in it.  Actually, if we have to lose a game, I would just as soon lose it to Georgia as to anyone else.  They're good, so there's no humiliation element, and they don't make the veins of my forehead bulge out like they do whenever I think of Urban Meyer.

With Georgia, I can just appreciate them a lot more than I can some other teams.  Georgia's certainly no better than Florida, but when I see Knowshon Moreno I just think, "That guy's a good player."  When I see Tim Tebow, I think, "That guy's a good player who must be stopped."  When I see AJ Green, I think, "I wish we had him."  When I see Percy Harvin, I think, "I wish no one had him."  Not that I wish any harm on anyone, but I just can't bring myself to feel exactly envious of Florida or Auburn, where I can with Georgia.  With Florida and Auburn, I skip envy and head right to contempt.

Anyway, I think those are my final thoughts on the past game.  It's time to look to the future.  It's amazing to think that we have, in a few short years, gotten to the point where getting to the Cap One Bowl would be considered a major disappointment.  But here we are.