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Ballot, Take One

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Well, it's time to unleash the hounds.  This our blog's first BlogPoll ballot.  Final submission is on Wednesday so I'm willing to listen to input and adjust the ballot if you make a good argument*

*A good argment is defined as one that convinces me 

Rank Team Delta
1 Oklahoma 25
2 Alabama 24
3 Penn State 23
4 LSU 22
5 Missouri 21
6 Texas 20
7 Florida 19
8 Southern Cal 18
9 Georgia 17
10 Oklahoma State 16
11 Brigham Young 15
12 Ohio State 14
13 Vanderbilt 13
14 Connecticut 12
15 Texas Tech 11
16 Virginia Tech 10
17 Utah 9
18 California 8
19 Michigan State 7
20 Cincinnati 6
21 TCU 5
22 Wisconsin 4
23 Kansas 3
24 Northwestern 2
25 Wake Forest 1


Dropped Out:
Obviously, since this is my first ballot, you can ignore the deltas and dropouts.  Also, the blogpoll has sold out and will be published on CBSSportsline.  So we got in while the getting is good. 

OK, some general comments:

Oklahoma looks like the best team in the country to me, but I believe Penn St and Alabama have the best on-field resumes and are rewarded accordingly. 

You can rank LSU, Mizzou, and Texas in any order.  None of them have really accomplished anything yet, but the early returns are strong. 

I'm punishing Texas Tech for their schedule.  Not only is it embarrassingly poor, it is ALWAYS this poor.  LSU's got a lousy OOC slate this year, but we usually do play a tough OOC game each season.  Texas Tech's slate earns them no benefit of the doubt.  Vanderbilt is still winning games and while BYU's schedule has turned out to be easier than anticipated, they can't be blamed for Washington and UCLA starting to suck. 

Cincinnati and TCU both got crushed by Oklahoma.  It is their one loss respectively.  How much can you punish them for losing to the #1 team? 

Michigan St and Wake Forest are still getting dinged for their bad losses.  Kansas less so and Cal even less.  Virginia Tech is practically a different team with Taylor at QB so the ECU loss is becoming less important. 

The Big 12 has five undefeated teams.  It also looks like they may only have six good teams in the conference.  Those were some ugly blowouts as the haves crushed the have-nots.