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I'm sure Pittman will have more on the game, but i really don't have much to say about beating Tulane.  All that struck me is that this was perhaps Lee's worst game as an LSU player.  He went 8 for 20 for 99 yards with a TD and yet another INT which turned into a TD for the defense.  He had one nice drive to start the second half, but other than that, Lee had a bad game.

Because of this bad game, the outcome was in doubt for way too long, meaning Miles couldn't get Jefferson into the game until late, when all he did was hand off to Ridley (which he did admirably).  So, going into Bama, we have a redshirt freshman QB who is coming off his worst game as a starter and worse, will probably be mercilessly booed the moment something goes wrong.  To back him up, we have a true freshman who has handfed the ball off a few times. 

I'm really, REALLY nervous about the Bama game.