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Newest Commitment: Morris Claiborne, Athlete

Last night, LSU picked up a surprise commitment from Shreveport-Fair Park quarterback Morris Claiborne.  He's such a dark horse that not only is there not any film of him available, there's not even a good picture.  The word had been out that he could end up a part of this class for a while, and apparently the staff liked what they saw enough to finally go ahead and offer him a scholarship.

He projects to be a cornerback at the next level.  I know this is not a sexy recruit.  There are very few stars by his name on the recruiting services' websites.  Very little is known about him.  He is a running quarterback, but no one thinks he will stay a quarterback at the next level.  He's an athlete they hope to teach how to play cornerback.  He's a good athlete who is the right size for the position (6'1" 180 pounds).

If you recall, Corey Webster was in the same boat.  He ended up pretty good at corner.

I am not knowledgeable enough to tell you whether or not this is a good pickup.  Heck, even when you have film it's usually guess-work unless a guy is a show-stopper like Russell Shepard.  I do get excited, however, whenever an underdog gets a scholarship.  This guy is an underdog, and I'd like to see him succeed.