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Week 12: SEC Preview, Part 1

It's getting to be crunch time around the league.  Lots of teams are playing their way into a bowl game.  Lots of teams are trying to play their way into better bowl games.  Two teams are trying to win it all.  No one except Tennessee is completely out of it, but a couple still have a ways to go and may not get there.  Let's get to the previews of the action.

Georgia @ Auburn, 11:30am Central, Raycom Sports

Who would have thought that this would be the morning game?  Everyone assumed this would be a prime time game between a team fighting for a spot in the BCS National Championship Game and a team trying hard to make it to the SEC Championship Game.  It may even have been a preview of the SECCG.

Instead, it's a game between one good but not quite great team and one team that is very close to packing in the season before December.

Georgia clearly looks like the vastly superior team at this point, but I keep waiting for Auburn to put together that one great game they'll play this season to salvage a little pride.  If they don't put that game together here, they'll lose by 3 touchdowns.  Auburn just can't hang with Georgia if they flounder like they have so far.

A win here by Georgia moves them one step closer to a possible BCS game, but more likely the Cap One at this point.  Unless someone beats Alabama or Florida before the SECCG, both of those teams appear headed for the BCS.  If either of them lose, Georgia could come back into the BCS picture, but the national championship is no longer in the equation for Georgia.

I'll be watching this one, just to see if Auburn plays with spirit.  If they play with spirit, they may be able to hang with Georgia.  If not, it will be a blowout.

Louisiana-Monroe @ Ole Miss, 1:00pm, no television

Does ULM play every single team in the southeast?  It sure seems like every week some SEC team is playing ULM.  They took down Alabama last year, and nearly took down Arkansas this year.  

They got blown out by Auburn earlier this year, but this game could get interesting.  ULM has played well of late, beating Troy 31-30 and nearly beating Middle Tennessee State and North Texas.  OK, those teams are awful, and they both beat ULM.  Work with me here though.

Ole Miss is one win away from bowl eligibility, and they get a game they should win here.  After that, they get LSU and then Mississippi State.  Seven wins is a distinct possibility still.  I maintain they could end up in the Peach Bowl or the Music City.

South Carolina @ Florida, 2:30pm Central, CBS

A decent team takes on the best team in the country on the best team in the country's field.  This should not be close, but South Carolina plays tough defense and may be able to make a real game of it.  Florida's offense is otherworldly, though.  It's one thing to be stingy against Tennessee, Kentucky, Vandy, and even Georgia.  It's another thing entirely to do it against Tim Tebow, Percy Harvin, and the rest of the incredible array of weapons Florida can bring to bear in any given game.  

The most points South Carolina has given up in any game is 24 (twice).  The least number of points Florida has scored in a game is 26.  Florida's median score is 42.  They've scored below 42 points four times, and they've scored above 42 points four times.  LSU has not scored 42 points in a game yet this season, and Florida has done it 5 times.

South Carolina is a good, solid football team, especially late in the season this year, but they aren't Florida.  No one is.