I never understood the Saban hate

He didn't leave us for Bama, he left for the the pros.  If I were a dolphin fan then I might be pissed.  Bama happened to have an opening and he took it.  Granted I don't think he would have ever left LSU had he known how different coaching in the NFL was.  Both Miles and Saban are equal recruiting wise.  The basic difference on the field I see is Saban is alot better with running the defense.  He uses NFL like schemes, from his time with Bellichek (spelling).  Miles' offense (cough Crowton's cough) is way more aggresive and exciting (before Lee) than Saban would have ever allowed.

I'll stop rambling and say I am happy we have Miles, I am happy for what Saban did for us, I just wish he could have gone to a different conference. I care more about beating Bama than hating Saban.