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Sunday State of the Blog

A few quick hits on how things are going:

  • I keep apologizing for this, but I'm going to keep apologizing for it until I no longer feel bad about it.  I am horrible about dialoguing with commenters.  My excuse is that I am at work all day and can't get into that.  I am generally pretty busy at work, and even when I'm not I can't really spend my time chatting.  By the time I get home and get some computer time here (keeping in mind there are family obligations as well, plus Mrs. ATVS uses this computer as well), I am usually a lot more interested in posting something new or researching, and the currency of the comments have usually passed anyway.  Let it be known that I do indeed read the comments, and they often influence how I write something later.
  • This is still a fairly small blog by SBNation standards, but it is growing.  One thing that I want to encourage people to do more of is the posting of FanPosts and FanShots.  This is intended to be a community, and a wide variety of viewpoints are encouraged.  
  • I still need a basketball writer.  My previous call for applications was met with profound silence.  Really, the competition for this spot couldn't be less intimidating so if you want to be made an author, now is the time.  All you need is a dedication to keeping up with and reporting on LSU basketball.  And as an author you can write about whatever else you like too.  Once again, there are no restrictions on viewpoints.
  • Now that we are not smack in the middle of football season, I will probably re-start my series on The Great Media which was last updated back on August 17, with a profile of Matthew Sweet's Girlfriend.
  • I want to start a Gene Chizik firing watch graphic to add on the side bars.  It will count up the time, 1970's Iran Hostage Crisis-style, since the hiring of Gene Chizik.  It would say something like "Gene Chizik Watch, Day 48" counting from December 13, 2008.  Have you guessed that I think this is a terrible hire?
That's the word on the street here at ATVS.  Thanks to all who read and/or write for this website.