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Another Heart Stopping Win

LSU struggled for the first 30 minutes against Nicholls State, and we were even down at the half 30-27.  Nicholls pushed the lead to 34-27 before LSU went on a 14-2 run to take the lead which would last for the rest of the game.  Obviously, the team was thinking about what to get mom for Christmas instead of the game.

It was a sloppy uninspired game, and at the end of the day, it was just another mark in the win column.  LSU now is 8-0, the only undefeated team in the SEC.  This would normally be the time I puff out my chest and talk about how great we are, but let's be honest: LSU is yet to beat a team with a pulse. 

While an easy schedule was probably called for in Trent Johnson's first year, this is ridiculous.  LSU's strength of schedule currently ranks 340th out of 343 teams.  Despite being undefeated and residing in a major conference, LSU's RPI is 154.  Now, RPI is an imperfect measure, but it ain't that imperfect. 

It's just impossible to get a read on this team.  Is Marcus Thornton for real?   He's averaging 17.3 PPG and 4.4 RPG.  Is Bo Spencer an answer at point guard?  Is Chris Johnson a defensive force inside or is it just the opposition?  We're eight games in, and we have exactly no answers.  All we can be sure of is that this team does not completely suck. 

Saturday, LSU plays Texas A&M in Houston.   A&M, in its last four games, has beaten Kent St, Arizona, Alabama, and Florida St.  Warm ups are over, the first real test of the season is next.  And maybe we'll be able to answer some questions about this team.