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Pre-Christmas Roundup


Cute picture, but that baby appears to be sleeping.  Is there any reason to tell him to hush?  Is he snoring?  

News is slow around the holidays, and so is my motivation for putting together elaborate posts.  We just returned from our holiday travels to Louisiana (and boy are my arms tired).  Right now I'm just going to go through a bit of a roundup.


  • The coaching situation looks as muddled as ever.  Since I posted the long coaching roundup here, Dewayne Walker has been rumored to be in the running for the head coaching job at New Mexico State, James Willis has been rumored to be staying at Auburn, Ed Orgeron has been rumored to be close to signing with Tennessee and has also been rumored to be staying with the New Orleans Saints, and Corey Raymond has been rumored to be following Bradley Dale Peveto to Northwestern State.
  • I still feel fairly confident that Dewayne Walker will be the next DC unless he gets a head coaching gig, but he in all likelihood will not pass up a head coaching position to come here.  Other than that, it's all a mystery.
  • Defensive line coach Earl Lane may be staying at LSU rather than moving on to Florida.
  • Recruiting has hit or is hitting a dead period, designed to let kids be kids during the holidays and not worry about coaches hounding them.  LSU's realistic wish list remains the same as when I last reported it, though there are some indications that LSU may be able to pull 5-star running back Trent Richardson and/or 5-star offensive lineman DJ Fluker from their current Alabama commitments.  I wouldn't bet money on either of those things happening, but it would be huge if it did.
  • Right now, the skill position players that LSU could end up signing appear to be hands-down the best LSU has ever had.  If Reuben Randle and Andre Debose sign with LSU, that will give us Russell Shepard and Chris Garrett at QB; Randle, Debose, Deangelo Benton (finally), and Kenny Bell at wide receiver; and Mike Ford and Dexter Pratt at running back.  Our young wide receivers and quarterbacks in particular would be a phenomenal group.
  • There are three great mysteries in life:  1) where elephants go to die, 2) how young girls choose their mates, and 3) LSU's preparations for the Peach Bowl.  Les Miles is keeping his strategies and preparations locked tighter than a chastity belt at a Motley Crue concert.  No one knows what to expect except that Jordan Jefferson is likely to be the starting quarterback.  Other than that, it's all a mystery.
  • LSU basketball survived a squeaker against McNeese State.  It was in the middle of the second half when my parents realized it was on television.  The game would not have been quite so close if LSU could have hit free throws down the stretch.  It still would have been uncomfortably close, but McNeese would not have been able to come down the court looking for a shot to tie it up.  Our best free throw shooters were at the line at the end, but Garrett Temple, Tasmin MItchell, and Marcus Thornton all missed 1 of 2.
  • Baseball?  Awesome.  And so are some of the players.