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We should probably point out that LSU absolutely waxed Cal State Fullerton last night, 84-63.  It’s hard to get an accurate read on the Tigers as they beat up on the assorted Sisters of the Poor, but the 6-0 record sure is nice. 

The rebounding margin of 56-27 was particularly absurd, and I can’t imagine that happening once LSU begins conference play given Johnson’s preferred three-guard lineup.    So while I doubt that’s going to be a regular occurrence in the PMAC, beating up on bad teams is.  Since we’re in a down mood due to football and this is LSU basketball we’re talking about, let’s look for the dark cloud that goes with this silver lining. 


The starters played great and blew UCF out.  OK, the final score was a bit misleading, it was more of a 10-point game throughout the second half, but it was still an easy win.  Which brings us to the dark cloud.  Only seven LSU players, in a 21 point win, logged 10 minutes of playing time.  Actually, all of the players past the seven-man rotation combined for 9 minutes.  That’s a real short bench.  I’d like to see a little bit more depth, especially in an early season blowout.  Let’s see what the back end of the rotation can do, maybe there are some players in there.  (Alex Farrer, where are you?)

That’s picking nits.  It was a good win for the Tigers.  The basketball team looks pretty good.  Well, the sounded pretty good, I listened online.