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Announcing the New ...And The Valley Shook

Hello.  This blog is getting started again, and it will be run by yours truly, taking over where GeauxTigers left off.  I think before we really get started, some introductions are in order.

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My name is Richard Pittman.  I am 33 years old and I live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  I am originally from Gonzales, Louisiana.  For those of you unfamiliar with the place, it is about 30 minutes away from Baton Rouge.  It is also the hometown of one Glenn Dorsey, who is awesome.

I graduated from East Ascension High School in Gonzales back in 1992 and went to LSU for undergrad.  I graduated in 1996 with a degree in Chemical Engineering.  I then went to graduate school at the University of Delaware, and returned to Louisiana in 1998 and completed a Master's Degree while also working for a small engineering consulting firm. 

In 2002, I decided to enter law school.  Thinking I had to get away from my social life in Baton Rouge if I was going to have any success at law school, I decided to attend the University of Alabama School of Law.  I loved law school, and graduated in 2005, passing the bar over the summer of that year. 

Also during that time in Tuscaloosa for law school, I met the woman who I would eventually marry.  She is a Bama football fan and a Kentucky basketball fan.  We now have one child, a girl aged 14 months.  She alternates team colors, and has been known to carry around a Big Al doll.  I know.  I know.

I am now a practicing attorney in the Tuscaloosa area, doing all manner of things from personal injury to criminal defense and from wills to municipal law. 

That's the end of the personal and professional, now on to sports:

My parents have been season ticket holders to LSU football since before I can remember, and started going to basketball games when I was around 10 years old, having season tickets since that time.  They also at one time had season tickets to the baseball games, but have since given those up.  They also, starting this year, have given up their football tickets to my brother, but they remain fans of all things LSU-sports, and it's where I picked up my fandom.

I have been to uncounted LSU football and basketball games, but honestly I prefer to watch them from home.  More on that later.

Until this, I was the proprietor of the LSU football blog GeauxTuscaloosa .  This is my first post since moving over to this platform at the request of SBNation , who owns the site.

Content-wise, I expect this blog to be very similar to what we did over at GeauxTuscaloosa.  I specialize in long-ish posts that I hope to be informative and entertaining.  While the content will be similar, we will be sure to take advantage of the increased functionality that the SBNation platform provides.  We hope to use that to create a vibrant community of LSU fans and fans of other institutions.

If you're following me from GeauxTuscaloosa, be sure to check out some  of SBNation's other  SEC-dedicated  blogs .  If there is one thing I can say with confidence about SBNation, they have chosen a collection of very intelligent and cerebral bloggers to represent them.*  I definitely pride myself in being cut from that same cloth, and I hope to be able to live up to their standards.  Sadly, they apparently cannot find any intelligent or cerebral bloggers dedicated to Arkansas, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, or Vandy.

My guest-author will be a guy named Poseur, who was a contributor over at GeauxTuscaloosa.  He specializes in covering baseball and in being great at analyzing statistics.  For the next little bit, the blog will essentially be turned over to him due to his expertise on the most important current subject.  Unfortunately, for right now he's attending a Mennonite wedding in Kansas, and will be unavailable for the next day or so.  You read that right.  Mennonite wedding.  The rest of that story is too far-fetched to possibly be believed.

We're still learning how all of this works, so please bear with me while I get going.  Until next time...

*Note: bloggers linked randomly, and the choice of word to link them with should not be considered to have a special relationship to that particular blog.