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At 21, the LSU Baseball Team Can Now Buy Beer


...where before it had to rely on older friends to buy it Boone's Strawberry Hill at the Circle-K.


Of course you know, LSU won big yesterday, scoring early and often before winning 12-1.  That means we play Southern Miss tonight at approximately 6:00pm.

As resident baseball expert Poseur expected, UNO's strategy of saving their stud backfired, and now UNO is in the loser's bracket after losing to Southern Miss 13-6.  They managed to get some runs against Southern Miss's ace, so the game was there for the taking, but their secondary pitchers couldn't stop the Golden Eagles.

Outside of UNO, Louisiana teams had a nice day, with LSU winning big and with Tulane beating Florida.


The SEC had a tough day.  Only LSU, Alabama, and South Carolina won on the day.  Kentucky's game was postponed, but Ole Miss, Georgia, Vandy, Florida, and Arkansas all lost.  The shocker was Georgia, who was the #1 seed and the #8 overall seed, and they lost to Lipscomb.  But Vandy and Florida were higher seeds also and lost.  Overall, the SEC is 3-5 on the tournament, and the #1 seeds from the SEC are 1-1 and the #2 seeds are 1-2.  That's a lousy start for a conference that got a lot of respect from the seeding committee.

As for LSU though, things look great.  We won our opening game without using any of our best pitchers.  #4 or #5 starter Jordan Brown got the start and the win, and Austin Ross pitched 4 innings in relief.  He wasn't needed in the SEC tournament.  I may not be an expert on baseball, but I know enough to know that in a tournament, managing your pitching staff is of utmost importance, and we couldn't have gotten better results from our pitching staff yesterday by saving our best pitchers for tougher competition.

As a result of yesterday, we have literally all of our best pitchers rested and available for the rest of the tournament while Southern Miss will have to go without .  We expect staff ace Ryan Verdugo to start against the Golden Eagles, and all the best relievers are available in the bullpen.  Southern Miss will counter with its #2 starter Todd McInnis after using up ace Barry Bowden yesterday, and stud reliever Tyler Conn is available in the bullpen.  

You never know what's going to happen in baseball, but you have to like that we have our ace going up against Southern Miss's #2 man.  The winner of this game really sits in the driver's seat, getting an opportunity to watch its opponents use up its pitching trying to get an opportunity to try to try to win two in a row against the team in the winner's bracket.