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Thank You, UNO

I'm not second guessing, I'm first guessing.  UNO not pitching Cryer was a mistake.  It was a stupid mistake.  It was a mistake that was driven by the Privateers giant LSU inferiority complex.  They came into this weekend not trying to win the regional, but to beat LSU.  That was the driving force behind the use of the pitching staff, and completely ignored the fact that Southern Miss is a pretty good team in their own right.

But let's not look a gift horse in the mouth: thank you, Privateers. 

UNO is now faced with this situation: if they beat Texas Southern they will have to beat the LSU-USM loser.  Cryer will start that game, so there is no guarantee they even saved their top starter for LSU.  If they win, they have to turn around and play another double header tomorrow. 

By the way, their bullpen stinks.  Playing four games in 48 hours, three of them against the top two seeds, is a bad strategy for advancing.  So, thank you Privateers.  We salute you for making things more difficult on yourselves.